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Below find some comments from parents and professionals about PlaySteps® and the Basic Skills Checklists:

Basic Skills Checklists is perfectly suited for the general education classrooms as well as the special day classes for children within special education. This is geared for the preschool and elementary-aged child, but I found many lists that can be adapted for older students, especially with the Independence pages and parent checklists.”

Bonnie Sayers

Parent and Editor, BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders

“The checklist is an excellent starting point when you begin with a new student ... it is a resource that one can refer back to throughout the year.”

Tanya Jenkins

First Grade Teacher

“I love this book! We have given it to all our schools in District 2~T”

Donna Lagacy

Autism Resource Support Teacher

PlaySteps meets an important need in the education of young children with autism spectrum disorders. A clearly sequenced visual format guides the learner through a series of pictures that culminate in the creation of a bright, attractive, finished item. The concept is unique, the PlaySteps book is sturdy, and the teaching sequence is functional and very appropriate for young children. The instructional possibilities are endless!”

Michael D. Powers, PsyD

Director, The Center for Children with Special Needs, Tolland CT

“At last I have been able to reply to your message and to congratulate you on the books. They are ideal resource material for children with autism and their simplicity is of advantage to the child and their parent or teacher. Congratulations! Do use my name as a person who endorses their value for children with autism!”

Anthony Attwood, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, author of Asperger's Syndrome. Brisbane, Australia

“My son really likes his PlaySteps books. I tried them out as soon as I got home, and he caught on pretty quickly. He was able to memorize the Wall book easily, so by the third time, he wanted to do it without the book. I think the robot is his favorite. He also likes the spinner, but needs some assistance sticking the rods into the spool. All of the therapists have been using the books during his play breaks. Thanks again!”

Janet Hopkins

Parent and author of PictureThis… software